Nutrition Label Updates

It’s 2020, you know what that means?! The deadline has officially passed for several manufacturers to switch to a new Nutrition Facts label. manufacturers with $10+ million in sales were required to switch by January 1st . The FDA has allowed an additional 6 months to meet the new requirements and will work with the manufacturers as opposed to focusing on enforcement. 

This label is designed so that consumers are able to make better informed food choices. 

Changes include:

  • The number of servings to appear larger and bolder
  • The total number of calories to be larger
  • Daily values have been updated
  • Must now include any added sugars
  • Nutrient requirements and the addition of listing the actual amount
  • Updated Daily Value footnote
  • Serving Sizes Updated
    • Must be based on amount of foods and beverages that people are actually eating, not what they should be eating
    • Packages between 1-2 servings will be required to be labeled as one serving as that is what people typically eat in one sitting
    • Products larger than single servings will have to provide dual column labels to inform consumers of the amount of nutrients and calories per serving and per package/unit

For more detailed information and additional resources regarding the new nutrition labels, you can visit the FDA’s website here