Understanding How to Read the Meals Per Labor Hour Report

The report is used to see how many hours are needed at each school, and if the servers assigned to each school is justified by the number of meals. They begin by entering the following Criteria according to each site.

Actual hours: The current total hours worked at the school.

Ideal Meals Per Hour: The goal for the number of total hours worked at the school. This can also be entered in bulk for all sites, or for each site individually.

Full Time Employee: How many people at the school that work a full day (6-8 hr/day or 35-40 hr/week)

Part Time Employee: How many people at the school that work partial day (4 hr/day or less)

In the following example, the customer wanted to know where the ideal numbers came from on the report. (highlighted in purple)

First, you want to look at the Edit Check report to see how many serving days are in the month:

Then, you want to see what was entered for this site, during that month:

Using this information, implies that they have 12 hours per day (8 for the full time and 4 for the part-time employee). if we multiply the 12 actual hours by the 10 serving days we get 120. (purple)

Now take the equivalent meals of 1471 and divide it by 120 equals 12.2533 which estimates 12.26 under ideal meals. Additionally, you can take the 1471 meals and divide by 12 actual hours and get 122.58.