As we move into the second phase of our new normal, it is important to start thinking about ways to implement social distancing practices within schools. Although the country is beginning to reopen, we will not be going back to “business as usual.” Our community will need to readjust to health-conscious social norms as we try to navigate the threat of this novel virus. 

It’s been a long couple of months behind us and Covid-19 has not disappeared and will probably not disappear any time soon. With that said, how will schools continue to operate? Better yet how will school meal services operate going forward? Here are two possible options to help apply social distancing rules during your school’s meal service.

Grab-and-Go Carts

Grab and Go carts with prepackaged foods can be a great substitution to the traditional meal serving lines. With the proper procedures in place, such as maintaining safe distances between students, Grab and Go carts can help manage serving times effectively and efficiently. The carts can also be designed “offer vs. serve” style, in order to maintain the reimbursement program in place. The grab-and-go carts can make use of a mobile point of sale system that has the ability to be used on a battery powered laptop or better yet a tablet!

In-Classroom Meals

Classroom meals can also be a good possibility to help enforce our new social distancing norms. In classroom meals can be used differently depending on the needs of that specific school. As one option, students could be served in the classroom that they are currently in when their lunch period begins. This can help maintain order and have the appropriate distance between students already mapped out and with minimal chaos. Additionally, because of the need for additional space due to social distancing, classrooms can serve as additional seating areas to help with the overcrowding of typical  cafeteria seating. In-classroom meals can help enforce distancing and limit the number of students in a room to prevent the spread of any potential illness. It is important to note that, in-classroom meals would not be possible without the use of a mobile pos system as well. Having the flexibility of pulling up your POS system on a laptop or tablet while in the classroom would help manage our new processes effortlessly. 

Mobile POS

Whether it’s in a classroom or a food cart in a central location on campus, the important thing to take away is that it is now increasingly necessary to have a mobile POS in place. Mobility is not just a nice benefit or feature, but it is slowly becoming fundamental and essential to the success of the school lunch program. Life is changing and our systems must change with us. 

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