ExpressPoint (of Sale)

As we focus on preparing for the new school year, we can’t forget that students are preparing for the new normal as well.

Imagine a seventh-grader on the first day of school. They’re “bummed” about not being able to sit with their friends from different homerooms, and having to stay in the same classroom for most of the day. Normally, this student likes to bring their lunch, but today they forgot their lunch bag on the counter and their ID card as well. As lunchtime approaches, they aren’t sure how they’ll be able to get a meal. The good news is – ExpressPoint is here to save the day.

In the classroom, the teacher explains to this student that they can still get lunch today, regardless of no ID, no pin code, and no cash. The “computers” the cafeteria uses can identify her by her name and photo now – and the cashier will simply click saying she got a meal. The computer will handle the rest.

ExpressPoint is our upgraded POS system.

This app-based Point of Sale Software assists school districts in serving and tracking meals.

How can ExpressPoint help you?

You can use ExpressPoint on the go. Mobile devices will help you accomplish social distancing to serve in classrooms, hallways, outdoor events, food trucks, concession stands, curbside, or even different parts of the cafeteria.

Key features of ExpressPoint:

  • From setup to serving students can be done in less than 5 minutes.
  • Dataflow is now faster, as the device gets updated information directly from the website.
  • Classroom sales are renamed to Bulk Sales. Meals can be sold by Homeroom or Special Rosters
  • Summary sale can be used to enter tally style counts
  • The offline capability will allow you to serve your students meals and a la carte items anywhere!

With ExpressPoint not only can you serve students in the lunch line but revolutionize your cafeteria experience for both cashier and student. Say goodbye to long lines as you ring students up in half the time. You are no longer tethered to your cafeteria, but have the flexibility to move wherever service takes you! Welcome to the next wave of PrimeroEdge, where we are offering dynamic technology in an ever-changing world. Make the change, jump on the wave!

Written by: Kayla Machala, PrimeroEdge Customer Care Specialist