There is a lot to consider as you prepare for the fall semester. And though it may seem like a daunting task, the good news is that everyone in the industry wants to help each other out. The same goes for software companies. PrimeroEdge has always believed that software shouldn’t be a barrier in your daily operations – and with things rapidly changing – so is our software. 

The PrimeroEdge team has developed a solution to meet all your contactless needs. This suite of products is the first of it’s kind – and can be used even when we aren’t in the middle of a pandemic. Meet the “Contactless Software Suite”. Here’s why you should use it. 

1. Your cafeteria can now be completely virtual

This suite includes the schoolcafé parent portal. The best part though is it’s for more than just parents. Students and teachers can use it too – but wait – there’s more! Coming this fall, digital ordering will be available to all parents, students, and teachers to place orders in advance!

2. Curbside meal tracking is now possible

K12 Meals Online is a completely mobile and user-friendly site and was created to track curbside meals and promote accountability in your communities. We heard the horror stories of families taking advantage of the free meals provided this spring – so we developed a way to track which families have already picked up on a given day. 

3. Your POS doesn’t have to stay in one place

With ExpressPoint, your staff can take your terminals anywhere. Food trucks, kiosks, classrooms, you name it! If students can’t go to the cafeteria, why not find a way to bring the cafeteria to them?

4. Ensure everyone is safe 

Our Inspections app can not only ensure everyone is following food safety procedures – but also that everyone follows social distancing protocols set by the district and the state. All templates are completely customizable, so create your inspection as you see fit and keep everyone healthy and happy!

Want to learn more about the first-ever contactless software suite? Register for our deminar on June 30th!