With the new year quickly approaching, many districts are still figuring out how they plan to feed students inside and outside of the cafeteria. Everyone is looking for some kind of software to make feeding students easier.

As our lives are rapidly changing, so are our plans for the new semester. Directors everywhere are looking for a solution to meet their needs for this school year. Among every possible scenario that a district needs to plan for so that the safety of staff and students comes first, investing in a digital ordering tool should be on the top of the list. It promotes contactless meal service, efficient meal tracking, and easy payment processing. This blog series is going to help you figure out what to look for as you decide how to choose your next digital ordering tool.

First things first, find a solution that provides access to multiple ordering groups. Which groups should be included?

  • Students
    • Your middle school and high school students should be able to view their school’s menus and place orders directly from their phones, giving them the opportunity to learn about what they are putting in their bodies and stay staff in the age of social distancing.
  • Parents
    • Parents should be able to place orders for pick up and know what their children are going to be eating or what they were served on any given day.
  • Teachers
    • Teachers have to eat too! Find a tool that allows teachers to place orders for themselves.
    • If your district is switching to both breakfast and lunch in the classroom, why not have the teachers help out and have them take orders? If your district is taking this route, make sure they have the ability to order by student roster or in bulk quantities. Especially if they are elementary school teachers responsible for their entire class of young children!

With so many solutions out there, it can be hard to choose which is right for you. This is why the PrimeroEdge team has developed a digital ordering platform designed for all your potential scenarios in the upcoming school year. What makes our platform different from the other’s out there? Stay tuned for part 2 where we go over fulfillment and delivery methods! Learn more about schoolcafé digital pre-ordering here!