In part 1, we reviewed all the ordering methods your new digital ordering solution should be able to offer you. So what’s next after an order is placed? Preparing those meals!

With so many ways to place an order, it’s easy for things to get a little chaotic. Don’t let your orders get out of hand. Find a digital ordering solution that lets you keep everything in order. How will you do that?


With this new method of meal service, the key is to stay organized! Batching your orders is a great way to do this. When you receive your orders, they should be categorized by distribution type – whether it be on-site, curbside, or even at home (if you have a plan to deliver meals). A good digital ordering tool will be able to let you know if an order was placed by a teacher, and whether or not it was through a student roster or part of a bulk order. If the meal has been placed by a parent for pickup, orders should be separated by a unique identifier. Last but not least, if you plan to deliver meals, a good tool should group your meals in a way that orders can be organized by household. 

Once your orders are batched correctly, it’s time to label them! The risk of cross-contamination is higher now more than ever. Take your time to label meals with names, order IDs, contents, and as always – allergens! 

Now you may be wondering, once these are ready to be served, how do you get them out? Where will you distribute them? Check back for part 3 where we go over delivery methods, and a big announcement from the PrimeroEdge team!