When you think about reaching out for any kind of customer support, what comes to mind? In this day and age, many people will tell you they hope they have the ability to chat online to get the help they need. As phone calls dwindle these days, online chatting increases. It’s a quick and easy way to get questions answered and continue working as usual. Online support can be as easy as clicking a speech bubble on any website and immediately connecting with a support rep.

Since 2018, we have offered chat support to parents who utilize schoolcafé. Since it’s launch, we saw that users choose to use this method of support more often than calling or emailing. As this method of support grows increasingly popular, we knew immediately we needed to make this feature global to the PrimeroEdge platform and not just for schoolcafé.


  • Chat is now available anywhere in PrimeroEdge
  • Increased access to a support representative
  • Quicker responses


Before you get started, we will need to enable a few settings for you from our side.  Once these settings are configured and a new chat support role is created, this role permission would need to be assigned to the users that typically communicate with the PrimeroEdge support team. This way only authorized users will be able to use this support feature.

When you chat with us, you will get real-time support and get the answers you need. Support tickets are automatically created so that you can continue to keep track of all of your inquiries and so we can continue to support you to the best of our abilities.

If you are interested in enabling this FREE support feature for your district, please reach out to the PrimeroEdge Customer Care department by email customercare@primeroedge.com or phone at 1-866-442-6030 and let us know you want to chat!