The Rise of Cashless Transactions

The pandemic has caused a significant change in school food service as schools are embracing the face mask culture, practicing the new norm of social distancing, and reinventing ways to provide meals to students. Along with these changes, it’s no surprise that there has also been a rise in cashless transactions in schools.

One of the cashless methods that we have seen more and more of in fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, and even clothing stores has been online ordering. Online ordering has provided a way for people to order and make payments for food, groceries, and other goods ahead of time through a website or app so that the only thing left to do is pick up what was ordered. This method has helped customers to minimize contact and maintain a safe distance from the establishment, staff, and other customers.

As we’ve seen with food, retail, and grocery establishments, school cafeterias can also see improved efficiency with going cashless, where lines and service can move faster even with social distancing in place.

Some of the benefits of going cashless include:

  • Increased efficiency resulting in faster transactions
  • Decreased contact reducing the spread of germs through less touching of paper money and coins
  • Improved ability to track and authenticate purchases
  • Reduced human error with managing change due
  • Ease of managing student account balances and adding funds

All across the country, we have seen an increase in curbside and pickup meals in school districts. At PrimeroEdge we immediately understood the need to better support our customers with this new cashless meal service method. This prompted us to develop Digital Pre-Ordering a solution that works with our schoolcafé portal to streamline the ordering and serving process for our districts to easily and safely provide meals to students! This solution works anywhere in the school, whether students are picking up in the cafeteria or curbside, or eating meals in the classroom. Digital Pre-Ordering is the latest cashless method that works by letting students or their parents place orders on the app, minimizing contact, and contributing to efficiency in the overall meal service.

If you would like to learn more about Digital Pre-Ordering join us in our upcoming deminar on September 24, 2020, at 9:00 AM PST. Register here!