Have you been thinking about how you’re going to serve meals to your students this summer? Or how you’re going to track each meal served?  Whether you’re a current PrimeroEdge user or not, below are all the options we offer that can help you serve with ease and ensure that no child goes hungry!

1.  Mobile POS: ExpressPoint 

Our POS app ExpressPoint is not only great for student look-up and processing transactions fast, but it’s also a user-friendly mobile solution that can continue to work offline if you lose connection! This allows schools to serve uninterrupted from anywhere and anytime. Compatible with contactless hardware like bluetooth barcode scanners, cafeteria staff can serve totally touchless. Use Classroom Sale or Bulk Sale features to save time and ring up students quickly.

2.  Easy One-Click NEW Multiple Meals feature

Multiple Meals is a new feature within PrimeroEdge’s POS which enables districts to record sales for reimbursable meals within a single process for multiple days and meal types. During this time we know that there are many students learning virtually or hybrid who are picking up meals for several days at a time. PrimeroEdge developed a solution for users to be able to record and claim multiple meals into the system with just one click. No need to enter each individual transaction for your bulk curbside pickups. Watch the walkthrough here. 

3. Track Curbside Meals with K12 Meals Online 

K12 Meals Online was created in response to the pandemic as an easy and mobile solution for districts to communicate meal pick-up locations and keep count of meals served. This provides several direct benefits such as meal forecasting to stay in budget and reduce waste, meal site information to help families find where they need to go, and tracking of meals served to ensure accountability in the community. Any district can use K12 Meals Online whether or not they are a PrimeroEdge customer. 

4.  Receive Orders in Advance with Digital Pre-Ordering 

Our latest feature to the schoolcafé family platform, Digital Pre-Ordering, lets parents, students, and teachers pre-order meals without ever stepping foot in the cafeteria. This contactless tool allows school districts to provide more meal choices, record transactions, and increase their efficiency in preparing meals. With meals ordered ahead of time, schools know exactly what to produce, parents can choose what is being served to their children, and all of it can be done in a safe and social distanced way. 

It’s important to know your options in this new normal. Every school district is different, every learning scenario is different, only you can decide what works best for your district. If you have questions about products feel free to click the links in the blog or go ahead schedule a demo with us!