A Look Inside PrimeroEdge: Featuring Directors & Managers

Last month, you got to meet some of the hard-working team members here at PrimeroEdge. This month, we interviewed some of the directors and managers! Read below to learn more about just a few of our fearless leaders!

Meet Audene Chung; Director of Customer & Expert

Audene Chung has been the Director of Customer & Expert Care at PrimeroEdge for 3 years now. Her department works to provide technical support, maintenance, monitoring, and advocate for our customers. She comes from an extensive 20-year background in the school nutrition industry. She loves getting to witness everything that goes on behind the scenes here at PrimeroEdge. She enjoys helping our customers meet the ultimate goal we all share – nourishing students nationwide. She is a curious person who loves to learn new things and finds that her role is perfect for that from working with customers to the PrimeroEdge developers, designers, product owners, and support experts. Working here has broadened her understanding of technology and infrastructure and how we related to school districts, nutrition departments, Food Service Management Companies, and state agencies. We asked Audene what her favorite holiday is and she says, “I really like Cinco de Mayo, probably because it’s my birthday May 5, but it’s become a week of celebration and during that 1st week in May we also get to celebrate the School Lunch Superheroes and it’s usually the Kentucky Derby as well!”

Meet Gordon Rereddy; Director of Sales and Marketing

Gordon Rereddy has been with PrimeroEdge for 15 years and currently serves as the Director of Solution Sales and Marketing. He says the most enjoyable part of his job is building relationships with customers and co-workers to help them meet their objectives. We asked Gordon what his favorite books are, and he said, “I don’t enjoy reading. I enjoy listening to various podcasts. My favorite one is ‘A Bit of Optimism’ by Simon Sinek. He is very relatable and provides information that can be implemented in my day-to-day activities.”

Meet Johnmark Hinton; Director of Customer Success

Johnmark serves as the Director of Customer Success which covers implementation, training, and content management. He joined PrimeroEdge 12 years ago! He enjoys managing the process that helps our customers find success using the PrimeroEdge software. We asked Johnmark what his favorite book is, and he says “Powerful, by Patty McCord. The book discusses the Netflix culture that has driven them to success. Their culture is not for everyone, but the journey is fascinating.”

Meet: Steve Vyn; Solutions Team Manager

Steve Vyn manages and leads the solution experts here at PrimeroEdge. He also represents accounts nationwide with 30-79 sites in their district. Though he has only been at PrimeroEdge for 14 months, he comes from an extensive sales background and has over 5 years of expertise selling the K12 industry. Steve enjoys watching his team achieve success and meet their goals. We asked Steve if he could live anywhere where it would be and why, he said “Here in Houston, TX. A year ago this posed the best professional opportunities for me, plus I think the weather and proximity to the gulf are wonderful. I used to live in Ohio, and they got 11” of now a few weeks ago – so perhaps it’s just a matter of perspective.”

Meet David Sugg; Customer Care Manager

David Sugg is a manager for the customer care team. He has been a member of the PrimeroEdge family for over 8 years now! The most enjoyable part of his role is being able to help his coworkers and our customers succeed. We asked David what his favorite holiday was and why, and he says, “I like all the holidays and seeing the joy on my kid’s face. When I was a kid though, it was Christmas. I would get so excited that I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t wait to wake up and see all the gifts!”

Check back in the new year for part 3 to meet more managers and team members!