Celebrate Winter!


Though winter doesn’t officially begin until December 22nd, it’s hard to think it isn’t already here with all the holiday decor everywhere and temperatures dropping. During a normal year, winter means family time, group gatherings, and a two-week break for those in the K12 industry. Of course, 2020 isn’t a normal year. The CDC has been advising since the end of the summer that as the holidays approach, we avoid seeing our loved ones and partake in events that are socially distant in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This has been some of the most disappointing news yet for many of us. In a year filled with bad news, being told to not spend time with family during a “magical” season was the cherry on top of it all. BUT – despite all of the bad news we have gotten this year, there are still many reasons to look forward to winter and many ways to celebrate it. Here are our top 5:

Winter Break

In the past, winter break meant a break from our everyday hustle and bustle. This year, it means enjoying some well-deserved time off especially for those who have been working overtime trying to educate or nourish our students. Enjoy whatever time you get this winter to practice some self-care so that when the break ends, you are feeling as refreshed as ever. 

Warm Beverages

Whether it’s coffee, cocoa, or tea, it’s hard to deny the joy a hot drink can spark. No virus in the world can stop you from sipping on your favorite drink to warm up on a freezing cold day. 

Baked goodies!

Pair your warm beverage with your favorite baked goodies this winter. Whether it’s cookies, brownies, or cupcakes, find a recipe for some homemade goods to try this season. If you’ve never baked before, this is your chance to get in the kitchen and give it a shot! Try something outside of the usual pre-made cookie dough or box mixed brownies, and try your hand at baking from scratch! Once you’ve made your favorite treat, eat as many you want or share them with friends and family by shipping them off or leaving them at the front door as a nice socially distant surprise! 

Holiday Lights

No matter what holiday you celebrate, there is something to be said about the lights and decorations that are on display this time of year. In 2020, what felt like a grim and dark year for many of us, holiday lights are a good reminder that there is a literal (and figurative) light at the end of this tunnel. The best part is that looking at holiday lights is a completely safe option to do this holiday season. You can drive through any neighborhood to see holiday lights, view them outdoors, or check out what drive-through events are being hosted near you!

Celebrating the end of the year

FINALLY! The moment we have been waiting for – 2020 to come to an end. 2021 brings new beginnings, a vaccine for the virus, and hopefully a return to the old normal. This year was too wild to not celebrate the end of it – so pour yourself some champagne or cider, turn on the TV and watch the ball drop in New York. Let’s celebrate the new year!