Top 5 Sessions We Are Looking Forward To at SNIC 2021


2020 may be over, but virtual conferences are sticking around. In fact, SNIC is this week and it’s jam-packed with sessions! While we’re excited to be attending all of them, here are the top 5 we are most looking forward to. 

Opening Keynote: Lee Rubin, “Leading Teams Through Times of Change”

Why we’re excited:

2020 showed us how to expect the unexpected and pivot at a moment’s notice. We learned that change can’t be avoided. We’re excited to hear Lee Rubin’s insight on taking a team to the next level and applying his advice to our team dynamic here at PrimeroEdge!

Day 2 Keynote: Sara Frasca, “Harnessing Innovation to Drive Growth in Times of Change”

Why we’re excited:

As a software company, we believe that innovation is key to success. We are always looking for ways to help school nutrition professionals overcome their unique obstacles, and can’t wait to hear from Sara Frasca on how he helps leading organizations cultivate human imagination, build a culture of innovation and solve complex problems in creative ways.

SNIC Speed Networking

Why we’re excited:

We can’t wait to see and talk to everyone! Last year was a socially distant year, and it hasn’t been easy not seeing our good friends and meeting new colleagues. We hope to see everyone at this session so that we can finally see you all again! And for those who haven’t heard, it’s encouraged to channel your “sunshine spirit”! In other words, don your best Florida-inspired-outfit!

School Nutrition Innovations—Panel Presentation

Why we’re excited:

For the same reason that we’re excited to hear from Sara Frasca – only this time we are excited to hear from other school nutrition professionals and gain insight on how we can keep providing the industry with innovative solutions. 

FAME Awards

Why we’re excited:

Nothing makes us happier than seeing hardworking and intelligent individuals be rewarded for all of their work! The FAME Awards recognizes those individuals as outstanding heroes in K-12 food service, and we’re excited to give them the *virtual* round of applause they deserve. 

See You There!