Checking on your Edit Check Report

By Daniel Brunson, PrimeroEdge Customer Care Specialist

After another busy serving period, John, a manager in training, found himself wondering how he could get detailed information regarding their site’s meal counts. His colleague based at another district site, Jane, suggested that he take a look at the Edit Check report in PrimeroEdge. Here’s what he discovered:

What is an Edit Check Report?

The Edit Check report is a powerful report that serves multiple purposes and can provide daily detailed information about your meal counts. This report is used to compare the attendance factor percentage versus the percentage of reimbursable meals. In this scenario, John decided to pull up the edit check report later that day. When reviewing the report, he saw that it could clearly highlight counts when they exceed both the attendance factor and eligibility counts.

What is the attendance factor?

The attendance factor is a number set by the district administrators which accounts for the difference between enrollment and attendance. This number is required in order for users to properly utilize the report as it can indicate if you have served more meals than eligible students. 

How can this report be used?

This report comes with a variety of options users can select to get a deeper understanding of the data presented to them. For example, users can look at specific programs (SNP, CACFP, SFSP) or select their own custom date ranges. Additionally, users can select to view only exceptions, provision sites, or even exclude non-serving days. The newest feature added to this report allows users to show meals at either the serving site, or the enrollment site, allowing users to check meal counts based on how they are claiming their meals during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Once John learned all of this, he felt more prepared to take on his new managerial role and make informed decisions for his site.