Reach for the Cloud: The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

These days so many things can be accessed on the “cloud” — from your family vacation photos, to work documents to software systems. The cloud is everywhere and everything. Not only does it connect us to people now more than ever, but it also connects us to data when we need it, allowing us to work from anywhere at any time.

Having a cloud based system means you have your data saved on a remote, or “virtual” server, making your information available on demand, while being safely stored away without the standard confines of hardware. It’s a system that runs entirely on the internet but allows you to perform all the same functions that you would expect in a software.      

As you look into making a software decision for your district, you may be asking yourself a lot of questions about what it means to go with a cloud-based system- Is it safe? Is it worth it? What are the pros/cons? How will it impact my operations?  We’ll give you 4 reasons why you should reach for a cloud-based solution:  

Peace of Mind

Leave it to the experts! A cloud system comes with robust cybersecurity measures to protect and entrust your data in. Throughout the application, procedures are in place to enhance performance and provide additional layers of security such as data encryption strings, built-in firewalls, and user authentication. Cloud systems also benefit from constant security monitoring and offsite back-up servers to ensure that your data is kept safe and protected from potential loss. 

Reduced Overhead 

You may also see reduced costs in overhead by deciding on a cloud-based system. The only hardware you need is your computer, and the only “installation” you need is setting up your log-in and configuring your settings. It’s a low maintenance process with low maintenance upkeep. A cloud-system will take care of the updates needed in the system, such as patches, hot-fixes, and security updates. 

Round-The-Clock Access

Remote work became the norm almost overnight. With the uncertainty that came in 2020 we saw how crucial it was to have a system that allows individuals to work from a remote location. A cloud-based system provides that round-the-clock access that we need in this day and age. No longer are we limited by hardware, location, or even time zone. The cloud provides your software wherever you have an internet connection so that nothing gets in the way of continuing your operations, like serving meals to children.

Seamless Communication

PrimeroEdge modules are fully integrated with each other. No need to update new information or changes to information in multiple places. Our modules are designed to communicate all data to a centralized database, ensuring real-time availability of all information throughout the entire system. We all know that better data makes for better decision-making in your operations. 

So there you have it. Why reach for the stars when you can reach for the cloud? Join in the future of technology and keep your data safe, protected, and accessible from wherever you work.