Utilizing PrimeroEdge Activity Reports

by Andrew Sall, PrimeroEdge Customer Care Specialist

The PrimeroEdge software suite offers a variety of reports for all users to help them make informed decisions in their district’s nutrition program. 

Recently, I received a call from a cafeteria manager because she thought that one of her cashiers hadn’t been entering all of the breakfast meals that week. Her district, like many others, was on the SSO, so it was important that all meal counts were recorded correctly.

I advised Nancy to run an Activity Report for her school site. The Activity Report provides an overview of meal counts, sales totals, sales types, and reimbursable amounts for students and staff.

In order to keep track of meal counts, cafeteria managers typically run daily and weekly Activity Reports. By following sales activity, managers can make sure that cashiers are inputting meals correctly for students and faculty.  The summary section of the report also shows the amount of “Variance,” which is an over or under cash amount in registers.

Activity reports also offer school districts a simple and reliable way to check the monetary amounts of reimbursable meals.  In another instance, a PrimeroEdge user who works for a Child Nutrition Office called and emailed us because the numbers on her reimbursement reports seemed a little low. She ran an activity report and immediately found a discrepancy.  Although the Edit Check report is usually the go-to for checking reimbursement amounts, the Activity report also includes the total reimbursable value of each meal type (“Breakfast” or “Lunch”) served during a given time frame. At the central office level, the district admin can also find the total reimbursable amounts for an entire school year.

Users can apply the Date Range filter to create reports for a single day, month, or a specified date range. (Example: From 4/7/2020 to 12/31/2020)

When creating an Activity Report, make sure to check the “Programs” drop-down box, and select the correct feeding program, such as SFSP, that is utilized in your district.  For users that need to account for sales that aren’t included in whichever program is listed on the report, the Activity Report also features the Cash from Other Programs amount under the summary section.