Spotlight on Customer Care

Support Services That Go Above and Beyond

We hear all about #RelationshipGoals on the internet, but let’s talk about #CustomerRelationshipGoals for a minute. In a short sentence, the Customer Care team is responsible for providing overall technical support and maintenance for PrimeroEdge and SchoolCafé customers. While that may be the formal, and concise, definition of the team, it doesn’t do justice to all the ways that they go above and beyond their support duties. In this blog, we’re going to put the spotlight on our Customer Care team and all that they do for our customers.

  • Numbers That Speak For Themselves:

    Time and time again our customers tell us how helpful and amazing their experience has been with a Customer Care Specialist. They know the products, they have a passion for assisting customers, and many of them used to work in the school food service industry before coming to PrimeroEdge. It’s a recipe for success. Just take a look at our recent stats to see for yourself:

    • The average time our customers spend on support calls for PrimeroEdge is 8 minutes and 53 seconds.
    • The average time our parents spend on support calls for SchoolCafe is 3 minutes and 13 seconds.
    • In follow up surveys, our team received an average score of 96% in Customer Satisfaction.
    • Our team also achieves a 98% First Call Resolution rate.
  • Customer Outreach Efforts

    At the beginning of each year, Customer Care Specialists begin calling and reaching out to all school district customers. During the calls, they conduct basic health checks, provide support, and schedule demonstrations for particular functions as needed:

    • Checking in with customers to see if they have any immediate challenges that can be addressed.
    • Helping customers prepare for upcoming or scheduled audits and admin reviews.
    • Going over the most recent release notes in case customers have questions.
    • Updating contact records if needed.

    Talk about quality service!

  • Super Accessible Support

    Aside from feeding children, we know that school nutrition departments have a lot to accomplish during the year to stay in compliance with local and federal requirements. Our Customer Care team is there to help you stay on track. This is why customer calls are answered “live” with no queue. There are also multiple ways to reach our team! Our knowledgeable team will assist customers by phone, email, live chat, or through remote access when necessary. Some of the benefits customers will receive include:

    • 24/7 ticketing system available for email support issues that will be responded to within normal business hours.
    • Responsive Live chat with a specialist that can be done directly from the user’s screen, if this feature is enabled by the district.
    • Extended support hours during back-to-school season.
  • Plentiful Resources

    Users don’t always have the time to chat or explain their issues to a technical support agent. That’s totally okay! PrimeroEdge also offers built-in support resources at your fingertips to help you get through your tasks.

    Amigo, our built-in help guide, is there to provide step-by-step instructions to help you complete various tasks in PrimeroEdge. Amigo will prompt you one step at a time and allow you to move forward at your own pace. This is useful if you are working in a new area of PrimeroEdge, completing a task that is outside of the norm, or just using PrimeroEdge for the first time. Using smart search technology, Amigo is able to pull results based on words, phrases, and anything in between. It can even determine where you are in the process, start you from that step, and guide you for as long as you need it. Amigo also houses our online library of product manuals, release notes, webinars, video tutorials, and marketing tools.

    PrimeroEdge even offers quick access task guides throughout each module so that users don’t have to search or navigate anywhere else to view it. Users can open user guides or help videos directly from the screen to instantly find the resources they need.

    With the help of our Customer Care team, our bi-monthly customer newsletters also keep customers up to date with new information on support services, product release details, and other valuable resources throughout the year as it applies.

For more information about our Customer Support, visit our support page here!