Food Distribution with PrimeroEdge

By Laura Sime, State Solutions Business Analyst

It’s an exciting thing to be part of an industry that’s always ripe for automation. Every day, state agencies and school districts are moving towards technological solutions to save them time and improve program efficiencies. At PrimeroEdge, we’re continuously developing innovative solutions with built in features to assist state agencies in day to day operations. In this blog, we’re highlighting our Food Distribution solution, specifically designed to simplify the ordering and tracking of USDA Foods for participating school districts and state agencies. 

Here are the top things to know about PrimeroEdge Food Distribution:

Catalogs in Your Control

Eliminate the need to use WBSCM to create catalogs for school districts’ order requests and to balance SFA requests into truckload quantities. Your agency is able to manage all of this in PrimeroEdge Food Distribution in just a few basic steps: 

  • Create the catalogs 
  • Use the truck builder to balance truckload quantities.
  • Create the sales order data.
  • Generate the order files from PrimeroEdge.
  • Upload directly into WBSCM.

Orders and Receipts, Fully Integrated

Leverage the seamless integration from WBSCM to PrimeroEdge Food Distribution. Food Distribution manages the critical interactions that must occur between PrimeroEdge and WBSCM. Once orders are uploaded to WBSCM, users can manage orders and receipts in PrimeroEdge through the download file process from WBSCM to PrimeroEdge. 

Comprehensive Management of Bulk USDA Foods for Further Processing

PrimeroEdge Food Distribution is at the cutting edge when it comes to bulk USDA Foods further processing. Manage and order bulk USDA Foods in a single platform, which gives states and school districts the ability to guide USDA Foods from bulk to finished end products at participating processors. Items can also be created in the system for all the finished end products that your processors offer, by simply importing the SEPDS files. During the catalog order request process, the built in calculator assists school districts in determining the amount of bulk USDA Foods to order.

Recall/Complaint Management Traceability

Experience the ease and tracking of both USDA Foods complaints and recalls. For recalls, states can search for receipts with lot number and date details. States can even contact school districts and determine the quantity of recalled products on hand at the districts. For complaints, school districts can report complaints into PrimeroEdge, and then states can use the school district complaint data to submit those complaints into WBSCM. Convenience and traceability!

Up and Coming Enhancements 

Last and most importantly, PrimeroEdge is currently working to enhance and automate Food Distribution in several ways, and we want to hear from you! What part of your processes would benefit most from software automation? How might you leverage our technology to streamline internal processes and save time, eliminate costly errors in food ordering, more efficiently balance trucks and deliveries, and maximize federal funding for success at the state level? 

Let’s start a conversation on what is possible. Reach out to us at


About Laura Sime:

Prior to joining PrimeroEdge, Laura worked with a state agency in their Child Nutrition Programs, with a focus on Food Distribution. As a Business Analyst for the State Solutions team, she is able to utilize her 17+ years of experience to assist in the development of new and helpful software features.