By Alekya Kotta & Chris Hammett, Expert Care Specialists

I was recently speaking to a customer who wanted to know if the meals their district was serving were considered nutritious enough. While I am not a menu planner and am not familiar with the intricate details of USDA guidelines the PrimeroEdge software was designed to answer the questions like this, and I knew how we could address our customer’s question. 

The Post Production Analysis Report is designed to help districts run nutrient analyses anywhere between 3-7 days after the serving period. This report allows districts to review nutrient and meal contribution details for the meal types per site and each week after production.

To access this report, go to Production> Reports > Post Production Analysis.

Simply select which meal types and sites you want to review and select anywhere between 3 and 7 serving days to generate an analysis report for a school week.  Click on the “Generate” button to complete step one. 

Once the information has been generated, the Analysis button will become active. Click this button to see the breakdown of your nutrient and meal contribution details.

A small pop-up window appears on the screen showing the nutrient and meal contribution details. If there are any nutrients or food Components in this menu that exceed or don’t meet the standard values, the section will become highlighted with a color under the “Actual Value” column as seen in the screenshot below.

All reports are available to view, print, or download in up to 9 different formats depending on what the user needs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TIFF, MHTML, CSV, XML, or Data Feed.

The “Nutrients Option” dropdown is to choose the expanded, simplified, or complete version of the list of nutrients for the analysis of the following reports: Nutrition report, Nutrition Summary Report, and Food Component Report. 

For Reference, the “Nutrition Report” will pull both nutrients and food components data, the “Nutrition Summary report” pulls only nutrients data and finally the “Food Components” report pulls only food components data as names of the reports suggest.

Below is an example of the nutrition report in PDF form, which shows the Post-Production Nutrient Analysis in detail with a Pass (in green font) or Fail (in red) result.

Now that the district knows how to access this report, they never have to wonder again how well they are doing providing nutritious and healthy meals for students each week. 

PrimeroEdge offers a variety of reporting functions just like this so that you can get full insight into your district operations. If you ever have trouble finding specific information or are unsure how to generate a report, our Customer & Expert Care teams are ready to help and guide you to get the answers you need!