What to Expect in Customer Success: Part 1

Ever wanted to know what happens after you become a customer with PrimeroEdge? You’ve probably asked yourself “How does it start?” “How supportive is it?” “How will we know when the software is ready to go live?” Well that’s where Customer Success comes in. 

The Customer Success team is responsible for ensuring that new PrimeroEdge customers have all the tools they need to be ready to use the software. From making sure that the system settings are properly configured to making sure that data files are accurately imported, the team is there to prepare you for success with using PrimeroEdge. 

Here are the four key areas you can expect on your journey with Customer Success:


Implementation begins with assigning a Customer Success Mentor to assist with your project planning and configuration, a Customer Coach for your training needs and an Expert Care Team member to assist with technical questions and data imports/exports.

This is followed by the Kickoff Call. The Kickoff Call is a strategic planning session with your Mentor designed to understand your business needs, define the project objectives and outline the implementation details.  This includes creating timeframes, setting goals and expectations, and establishing the most effective communication practice during each step of the project. 

Once the Kick Off Call is complete, the Customer Success Mentor will assist you in setting up your PrimeroEdge platform, as well as reviewing what is needed for data exchange and system setup.

During the data exchange process, the Mentor will provide file format templates and guide the District on importing directly through the PrimeroEdge website where possible.

Throughout the course of the project plan, district’s can trust their Customer Success Mentor to coordinate all training and monitor the progress of the project. 

Training & Documentation 

Training is incorporated throughout the implementation timeline according to the district’s objectives and resources. Sessions may be conducted online, onsite, or in webinar style according to the solution that best fits the district’s needs. All of our training courses are facilitated by experienced PrimeroEdge Customer Coaches to instill knowledge and confidence in new users, where they walk the customer through each newly implemented module.

In addition to training, customers are provided documentation and resources to reinforce their new PrimeroEdge knowledge, such as: 

  • User-friendly electronic product manuals are also provided to describe in detail the software capabilities, usage, and instructions, including specific examples that emphasize product features and functions troubleshooting.
  • Trainees are able to learn more when they can practice what is being taught. PrimeroEdge can set up an exact replica of a district production environment for users to have a “safe” place to learn without fear of causing damage.  
  • Amigo, our built-in help guide, provides step-by-step instructions to help you complete various tasks in PrimeroEdge. Amigo will prompt you one step at a time and allow you to move forward at your own pace. Amigo also houses our online library of product manuals, release notes, webinars, video tutorials, and marketing tools.
  • PrimeroEdge even offers quick access help guides throughout each module so that users don’t have to search or navigate anywhere else to view it. Users can launch user guides or help videos directly from the screen to instantly find the resources they need.

Between our skilled trainers, multiple training formats, and our array of engaging classes, new users will be well-equipped to learn and retain the material provided.

Go Live Support

The Customer Success team will be by your side with you when you’re ready to Go-Live with PrimeroEdge for the first time.  

The Go-Live Support process starts one week prior to the launch date and carries through the end of the post-launch support period (typically 1-2 weeks). Activities for Go-Live include tasks needed to be completed by the Project Team, Training Team and Customer Team. Examples of preparation work include completing a verification checklist for settings and permissions, testing PrimeroEdge for user access and POS Cashier functionality, verifying reports, menus and recipes, and reimbursement claim exports where applicable. The PrimeroEdge Customer Success Mentor and Customer Project Manager should make sure that the appropriate team members are available to perform these preparation activities.

Post-Launch Support is the stabilization period after Launch which focuses on customer support, data integrity, and system availability. While the Customer Success Mentor will remain the main Point of Contact, the entire Implementation and Training Team is available to assist the District.

All Set!

Once all implementation milestones have been met, integration issues have been resolved, and training is complete, the PrimeroEdge Customer Success Mentor will introduce you to the Customer Care team that will continue to support you in your operations. You will receive a survey at the end of your implementation to provide feedback that will help us keep doing what works and improve on some areas for the next customer. 

In the next part of this blog series, we’ll talk about why relationships are such an important part of the Customer Success experience with PrimeroEdge and what our customers have to say about it!