Benefits Built In: Five Time-Saving Features in Reviews

One of the most utilized State-level PrimeroEdge products is the Reviews module. The module offers a centralized, state-level system that answers the challenges faced by State Reviewers when participating in Administrative, Technical Assistance, Seamless Summer, and Follow Up reviews by streamlining the overall process. The Reviews module also offers a solution that fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing between SAs and their SFAs, a connectivity that State Agencies are always looking to improve.

While the State Product Management focuses on building new software solutions, we also focus on continually improving the usability of all our existing products, thanks in part to feedback and requests from our customers. Many of these requests have led to adding more time-saving features. Here are just a few of the many enhancements built-in to Reviews.

1. Value-Added Error Checks/Assistance on the FNS-640 Data Summary Report

Ensure that your information is accurate within a review prior to submitting the FNS-640 report to the Food Program Reporting System (FPRS). Our software features inline error checking that lets you see if any values are missing or if there are any issues prior to uploading to the federal website.

When you view the Error List from the Data Summary page and click the Link icon, the software takes you to where the issue exists in the form section or question. From there, users can simply produce an Excel export of the report which include the on-screen error information, should you want to track resolution in a spreadsheet.

This added error-checking safeguard can be built into your reviews process to confirm that all data is correct prior to closing out reviews, and uploading the FNS-640 to the FPRS.

2. Less Time Spent on Sections/Forms that Are Not Applicable to the Review

In one simple click, a lead reviewer can mark an entire form section as N/A from the section-level checkbox, and then Complete the section all from the Forms tab. The software then also marks the section as N/A and Complete from the Close tab, thereby reducing an additional step for the reviewer to close out the review.

3. Easy Attaching & Revising of Key Documents

Adding documents to a review is a frequent task for both Reviewers and Districts alike. Because of this, we’ve developed a new and improved Documents grid that can easily show when the SFA/Sponsor is given access, when a document is modified, and by whom. It even lets the State Reviewer quickly read through documents as needed, without risk of making a change, through the addition of separate view and edit icons.

When it comes to uploading documents, the software was greatly simplified to reduce the steps needed, which makes the process go much more quickly. A document description is no longer required and scan functionality was removed, so that the document upload throughout the Central Realm involves only a few steps: identify the document type, browse to find your document, and then click Insert to add the file.

4. Faster Form Sections and Question Processes for Reviewers

As you review each section of the Off-Site Assessment form, you can now mark off all questions as Reviewed in just one click, by selecting a new section-wide Reviewed checkbox at the top of the page. Quickly respond through questions by section and then mark and move on to the next section for review. Additionally, new validation logic was added to the forms to prevent a review from being completed when there are unanswered questions.

5. Better Usability with Fiscal Action Details

Fiscal Action has always been a critical step of the Review process. This is why PrimeroEdge software will provide you with added guidance, through a comprehensive, step-by-step user interface in the software, including added software validations.

The additional document upload for all fiscal action workbooks/documents in Step 3 also ensures you can complete all steps needed all from the Fiscal Action tab within a review. Note: All documents saved in the Fiscal Action tab also display in the Documents tab.

If you are an existing State Reviews customer, let us know what you think of the new features and time-saving improvements! If you do not currently use the Reviews module, but would like to learn more, feel free to reach out to Keep your eyes out for future webinars we will have to give a full end-to-end look at this highly productive State solution!