A good day starts with a good mind, and a good mind starts with a healthy diet – but how do you know if the food you are serving is in fact healthy? 

When we’re at home, it’s easy to take the time to read a nutrition label and understand the nutrients found in our food. However, this isn’t as simple when you’re serving bulk amounts of food to thousands of students. With the PrimeroEdge Menu Item Nutrients Report, users are able to view a full breakdown of nutrient information for their menu items based on Data Source, Meal Pattern, and Serving Group.

This report is available under Menu Planning > Reports > Menu Item Nutrients

To generate this report, you must select a Data Source, Meal Pattern, Serving Group, and at least one nutrient.

This report can be saved in a number of formats, including XML, CSV, PDF, MHTML, TIFF, Excel, and even Word.

It’s as easy as that! In a few simple clicks, you are now able to see all of the nutrient information for your menu items. Now that you’re able to see how healthy your menu items are, it’s time to share this same information with parents and students. With SchoolCafé, districts are able to publish menus and nutrient information for parents to access at any time all at the click of a button. 

One-click menu publishing allows parents, students, and teachers to view the menu items you plan on serving, along with nutrient information, photos, and allergens. 

Patrons can rate their favorite menu items so you know what’s popular, and “favorite” these items so that they are notified when these items will be served. 

With the “Make-a-Tray” features, users can select the items they plan to eat on any given day and see if it meets all the nutritional requirements to be a complete meal. They are also able to see the full nutritional breakdown of the meal as a whole, along with allergen information. 

For more help accessing and viewing nutritional information in PrimeroEdge and SchoolCafé, reach out to our Customer Care team.

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Contributing Writers: Sam Martinez & Alekya Kotta, Expert Care Specialists