Recipe Costing Report

Estimating budget costing for food preparation is almost as important as providing healthy meals to the children at school. This can help you better plan for the future depending on projected expenses and usage, which can be useful for helping you and your team predict for the unpredictable. 

PrimeroEdge’s recipe costing report is one of the many reports in our Menu Planning module and provides the cost to produce each recipe in your district. Recipe Material Cost and Cost Per Serving are listed for each recipe. 

PrimeroEdge users can find this report under Menu Planning > Reports > Recipe Costing Report. In order for this report to generate accurate information, information related to your ingredients must be configured in the Buying Guide tab. (Menu Planning > Ingredients > Select Ingredient Code > Buying Guide)

This report can be saved in a variety of formats including XML, CSV, PDF, MHTML, TIFF, Excel, and even Word.

Paired with the POS Menu Item Sales report, this information can help you decide if you’re spending too much on a recipe that maybe isn’t super popular in your district. To find the Menu Item Sales report, PrimeroEdge users should navigate to POS > Daily Reports > Menu Item Sales. This report can be exported in the same formats as mentioned above. 

Need help finding reports in PrimeroEdge? Our Customer Care Team is here to help! Not utilizing Menu Planning or POS? Contact our Solutions Team for a custom demo today!

by Alekya Kotta, Expert Care Specialist