Upgrading To ExpressPoint: What You Need to Know

Attention PrimeroEdge POS users! If you aren’t using ExpressPoint, you may be eligible to upgrade. Did you know you can upgrade at no cost? And did you know it’s really easy to do?

If this is all brand new information, don’t worry. This blog will cover the top three things you need to know about our updated POS solution – ExpressPoint.


    ExpressPoint is our newest POS solution specifically developed to speed up meal transactions and be flexible enough to go anywhere. In a convenient mobile design, ExpressPoint can increase your meal options for staff and students as it supports a variety of non-traditional meal services like breakfast in the classroom, grab-and-go, and more. There are endless possibilities when your lunch lines aren’t tied down by traditional, clunky POS terminals. 


    ExpressPoint is an app-based solution that will download to any mobile device from the App Store, Microsoft Store, and Google Play. 

    It’s designed for flexible service with or without a network connection, as ExpressPoint continues to work offline, saving each of your transactions until a connection is restored.  This versatile solution can scan barcodes for touch-free student lookup, utilize pin-pads, pull classroom rosters, and process visitor transactions. 

    What’s more – payments have never been easier. With ExpressPoint, students can pay for their meals and deposit money into their accounts without cashiers ever needing to leave the screen. Track credit card payments, check payments, cash, and charges. ExpressPoint also syncs with the SchoolCafé parent app, updating balances in real-time, as soon as funds are added to a child’s account. 


    Give our Customer Care team a call when you’re ready to upgrade. They’ll check if your devices can support ExpressPoint and walk you through the super-easy process to get the app. Just like ExpressPoint, implementation and training are completely contactless

Additional Resources

You can get more info and watch an ExpressPoint walkthrough video at the link here.