How PrimeroEdge Customers are Celebrating Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving – the yummiest thyme of the year, especially in schools! This year may look a little different due to health and safety regulations, but we know it will be just as fulfilling because we still have what matters the most – support from our schools and communities. School nutrition professionals have been hard at work to ensure this holiday is as fun and tasty as always for our students and their families. We reached out to a few district customers to see their schools’ Thanksgiving plans this year, and why it’s such a meaningful holiday for them. 

  • Spring ISD, Dietitian Jennifer F.

    Spring ISD is glad to be ahead of the carve with a full Thanksgiving feast at their disposal this year. They began planning their menu in May to guarantee they would have everything they needed on-site for their big day. They’ll be serving up a traditional Thanksgiving-style turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans topped with french onions (a fan favorite side they’re bringing back after five years), spiced peaches with whip cream, and a cookie to top it off! What a delicious mouthful, right? Thanksgiving, is of course, also about sharing time with loved ones. That’s why Spring districts are inviting grandparents to share a meal with their grandkids. No wonder it’s a cherished event!

    “We knew we had to already have everything beforehand and freeze it because Thanksgiving is so important to us. It’s everyone’s favorite because of family and food. We’ve been planning to be flexible and setting expectations, but a lot of people are excited to participate,” Jennifer said.

  • Brenham ISD, Food Service Director Kasandra D.

    Nothing brings people together like food, which is why Brenham ISD is sure to have plenty of it for their Thanksgiving meal. They were able to snag turkey after all and will be serving it up with stuffing, rolls, green beans, mashed potatoes, and cornbread. Fortunately, many of these menu items weren’t hard to get a hold of because they were already in regular rotation as part of their balanced meals. Typically, parents would be invited to share the meal with their child, but Brenham is minimizing adults on campus to prioritize safety. Instead, parents are welcome on their child(ren)’s birthday, and the district may be doing events for Veterans Day this month. No matter what they do, we’re sure it will be rooted in connection and thankfulness. 

    “I think Thanksgiving in general and giving thanks and appreciation is important, especially at this time. It’s a good thing to reflect and remember there is a lot to be thankful for,” Kasandra said.

  • Pearland ISD, Food Service Dorothy S.

    Seasonings greetings from another Texan PrimeroEdge customer! Like many other districts, Pearland has had to adjust their Thanksgiving plans this year, but they are joyful nonetheless. Due to supply chain issues, turkey wasn’t available, but this district saw that coming. Instead, they planned a savory menu consisting of chicken smacker sandwiches, green beans, mashed potatoes, and frozen peach cups. Pearland was savvy, planning since at least September to make sure they had enough to nourish the 12-13 thousand students they feed daily! Relatives still aren’t allowed inside campuses, but a few schools are doing picnics as workarounds. Each school will be doing their own Thanksgiving-related activities before the break, which will be fun and educational. As a token of appreciation, the district has been giving each of their kitchens themed baskets to share between staff. For example, each kitchen got a basket of Halloween candy for October, and the staff can expect scrumptious pies for November.

    “Thanksgiving has always been important to our district. This district was small when I started, and as it grows, things change, but one thing that’s always the same is being thankful. We have great employees and kids to spend Thanksgiving with. We’re grateful for a safe place to be,” Dorothy said.

Thank you to our partners who gave us some insight into their district, and shared their passion and enthusiasm with us! Like these great schools, let’s remember there is much to be appreciative of all year round. For example, we’re always grateful to you, our awesome readers! Here’s to stuffing ourselves with gratitude and great food!