See Your Inventory Usage in a Flash

The goal of PrimeroEdge is to automate your workflows so you can replace guesswork with informed decision-making. That’s where Inventory Management comes in. This fully-integrated management system communicates with other modules to guarantee accurate valuations, increased efficiency and visibility, advanced reporting, and invoice reconciliation. There are many ways to create reports and utilize your data, but the Inventory Usage Report is a great tool to better understand your inventory.

What is it?

PrimeroEdge’s inventory tool helps review how much you are spending and using when working with stock, especially within a certain period of time. The Usage Report goes into your Perpetual Inventory and lets you review several points of data.

How to filter it:

Within this section, you can narrow down the data into several types of generated reports:

  • Period Reports: A report within previously-set periods, such as a weekly or monthly time frame.
  • On-Demand Periods: A report for a previously-created time range. More information on that is further below.
  • Specific Date: A report for a selected date range. This works best with individual sites, allowing the report to generate faster.

The Inventory Module can generate reports in a detailed format, a summary format, or simply by viewing only Commodity items.

Selecting a Specific Date also allows you to set a premade time range to pull up later, which  comes in handy when reviewing the report for later, or ensuring a time range shows consistently.

The Details: 

The first portion of the report provides the numbers for any sites involved with a summary for their totals when viewing the Detailed Report results.

The Summary Report gives a similar view to this first portion, supplying a glance at all of the sites involved.

Then, view the amounts for specific items. These include the starting whole and broken units, purchases, additions, transfers, and returns. These will eventually be brought to the end of the selected period, totaled, and present the total usage.

The Commodity Only option allows you to separate the totals from non-commodity items and those with a fair market value while presenting the information similarly to other views. This gives a clear view of how much is being used over time, no matter the view selected.

If you aren’t already, start saving time, money, and effort with our Inventory Management module. Click here to learn more about how you can streamline your inventory processes.

by Jessica Bockholt and Sakshi Rajpal, Expert Care Specialists