Stress-Free Catering for the

Holidays and Beyond!

It’s that time of the year again, filled with excitement, fun memories, celebrations, and oh yes- lots and lots of food. As your holiday parties ramp up, how is your catering program keeping up? In this blog, you’ll see four unique ways PrimeroEdge can make your catering program smooth and stress-free this season.

Manage Your Menu

Creating a simplified menu of options is a great way to prevent undue stress during the holidays. The simpler the menu, the less time it takes to prepare, thus allowing you and your team to serve all the various festivities happening in your district. With PrimeroEdge Catering, you’ll be able to add custom items, and/or deactivate any menu items that won’t be available during the holiday season, ensuring your customers can only view and order what you decide. 

Consolidate Orders

Once there is a simplified menu, you’ll find that many catering orders will share similar requests. A great way to cut back on shopping and preparation time for your staff is to consolidate orders into batches. PrimeroEdge’s Catering software solution can download and print the orders that have come through, grouping items into a handy-dandy shopping list that makes all the rest a breeze. What’s more, set extended lead times in Catering to give you more time to plan ahead and fewer last minute requests.

Block Out Closed Days 

As with anything in life, communication is key. It’s Important to let customers know when your catering services will and won’t be available. Using a calendar is a great idea to communicate your available days and hours. You can also take it a step further  – PrimeroEdge Catering allows you to configure dates and hours, plus block out holidays all within the system. This configuration will automatically prevent catering requests from being placed for those closed dates and times. 

Track Revenue and Trends 

 The numbers speak for themselves. Having data at your fingertips is a terrific way to streamline your catering program and keep up to date on the ins and outs. PrimeroEdge Catering will track your sales, menu item trends, and generate revenue you can present to your district’s financial department. When you know your data, you can make informed decisions on your catering program, evaluate menu options, operations, and see just how much profit you’re bringing into your schools. 

Built on a user-friendly platform, PrimeroEdge Catering can help you manage your district’s catering services, now and year-round. Watch our webinar here to learn more and get an inside look at this new solution.