To All School Nutrition Heroes, Thank You

Dear reader,

Maybe it’s the holiday season making us sentimental, but at PrimeroEdge we can’t stop thinking of all you’ve accomplished this past year. You pushed past all the uncertainty and helped bring America’s students forward. You focused on the food so they could focus on their future. It wasn’t easy, but you’re a success in our book! It’s only right to express our gratitude for everything you do.

You’ve impressed us with how you got creative with meals, connected with your community, and contended to keep school meals accessible for all! There were constant adjustments with supply and staff shortages, but you thought on your feet and acted with the conviction only a food service professional could have. Information was scarce, so you doubled down on communicating with your vendors, schools, and most importantly each other. Legislation can be complicated, but you vouched for your communities needs and fought for waivers, laws, and protocols so every student felt safe and full in your cafeterias. You are our barrier breakers, nutrition crusaders, and solution creators.  

You’ve proven your resilience and passion for this industry, even when times get hard. The school nutrition professionals’ role in America does not go unnoticed, especially not by us. We’re beyond grateful for your service, ingenuity, and care! We also appreciate that you chose PrimeroEdge to help you do what you love, and what you’re good at. Please know we will continue to be here for you in any way we can to support the great future you’re paving the way for. Our deepest thanks to you for all you’ve done and continue to do!