‘Tis the Season for Nutrition: Healthy Winter Recipes from USDA

From breakfast to dessert, we picked three of our favorite winter recipes for schools from the USDA Standardized Recipes collection measured for 50 to 100 servings. Want to make these at home? Worry not, check out this recipe converter

Don’t Skip Breakfast! Serve This – “Banana Bread Squares”

Photo Credit: ICN Child Nutrition Recipe Box

“A balanced breakfast is an integral part of any daily diet. For kids, breakfast is necessary to provide energy for the brain and body… Research has shown that people who “eat healthy foods frequently during the day have a higher metabolism and better appetite control”, (Mayo Clinic Health System, 2020).

A staple of American comfort foods, this healthy take on the classic banana bread is sure to please kids and adults alike. Using a year-round fruit like bananas make this dish easy to put together, and the perfect warm breakfast for cooler temperatures.

Get the recipe here: Banana Bread Squares

Chilly Weather calls for Warm Chili! Serve This – “Vegetable Chili Boat”

Photo Credit: ICN Child Nutrition Recipe Box

There’s nothing like a warm bowl, or boat, of chili during the winter. This nutrient-rich recipe can be made with any beans or legumes on hand. Major plus, “Legumes are typically low in fat and high in fiber, folate, potassium, iron and magnesium,” (Mayo Clinic Guide to Beans and Legumes, 2020).

Get the recipe here: Vegetable Chili Boat

Pack in the Superfoods! Serve This – “Baked Sweet Potato and Apples”

Photo Credit: ICN Child Nutrition Recipe Box

This warm bake can be served as a side dish or a healthy dessert, and even features two prime superfoods. 

  • “Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, a vitamin linked to decreasing risks of cancer”(Mayo Clinic, Superfoods 2014).
  • Apples are the perfect “healthy alternative [for] when you’re reaching for the sweet treats. They’re also high in fiber” (Mayo Clinic, Superfoods 2014).

Get the recipe here: Baked Sweet Potato and Apples