Give Your Cafeteria Team a Berry Special Valentines!

Valentine’s Day at its core is about celebrating our relationships and expressing admiration. Work relationships are also important to foster because there are not many people we get to spend 40+ hours a week with. That’s why February is the perfect time to show your staff extra care with some affordable and fun ideas.

Amplify the Appreciation

Expressing gratitude is a free and timeless way to boost morale in the workplace. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, a personal handwritten message can make anyone’s day. To amp up the fun, you could even hide notes around the office area for a treasure hunt feel. Managers can also encourage their teams to share in the appreciation fest. Provide a pen and sticky notes to your team, and within a 5-10 minute period, ask them to write down as many gratitude notes as they can for their teammates. Once time is up, your teammates will give their notes to their designated people and read them aloud if they like. If there’s a corkboard or whiteboard in your area, the messages could be displayed there all season.

Gift Tasty Treats

Treats speak louder than words. That is the saying…right? Mason jar mixes are an affordable and cute way to give teammates something to look forward to when they get home. From cookies, brownies, cappuccinos, to even soup and salsa mixes; there’s a low commitment option for everyone’s taste buds. Of course, pre-made treats are also always a hit for on-the-spot enjoyment. Whether you go the homemade or store bought route, they’ll be gobbled up just the same! For extra customization though, you could get either an edible marker, or extra frosting to write or pipe people’s names onto the treats.

Facilitate A Small Activity

All work and no play makes the kitchen a dull place! Fortunately, there are plenty of quick and easy activities your team could do for some festive fun. An affordable alternative is to find some Valentine’s Day bingo cards online, screenshot them, and print as many cards as there would be players. Candy hearts, or whatever is easiest for you, can be used as bingo chips. Another game could include pin the arrow on the cupid. These games can be completed in a flash and finished when you’re out of small candy rewards. If you truly don’t have any moments to spare, having everyone wear a matching-colored item would be great for a group photo.

There are countless ways to bring coworkers together and highlight what makes each other special. If you decide to try any of these ideas, feel free to post any photos you take on social media and tag PrimeroEdge. After caring for your team, don’t forget to practice a little selfcare as well! You have earned it.