SchoolCafé goes by many names here. It’s a parent portal, a family hub, a payments app, the bridge between your cafeteria and families… and so on and so forth, you get the gist. It’s the app that has it ALL! 

It has so many features that it might make your head spin! That’s totally okay, we’ll simplify it for you so you can see clearly what you get with SchoolCafé. These are the 5 things we love about this all-in-one app:

  • It’s Mobile 

    A mobile app is exactly what parents need to keep up with their child’s school account when they’re on the go. Why? Because more than 92 million Americans use their smartphones to make payments online, shop, and search. This fact has only accelerated since the pandemic has limited in-person contact and access. Worry not, SchoolCafé can also be accessed on any browser via desktop with all the same great features. 

  • It’s The Entire Cafeteria in One

    Why is this app called “all-in-one”? Because it features several solutions in one single application. Including Payments, Menus, Meal-Ordering, Meal Applications, Verification, Income Survey, and a Digital Menu Board function to manage your on-site cafeteria TV monitors. The best part, it’s a jam-packed app that is still so easy to navigate.

  • It Speeds Up Your Processes

    Without the paper applications, or browser-only applications to fill, you can collect info much faster. Meal Applications, Verification, and request for Income Survey can be completed in minutes. This saves families tons of time and all they need is the app on their phone. What’s more, SchoolCafe allows districts to set up polls to students and parents, another great way to collect information for their food service program and offerings. 

  • It Increases Communication

    Send notices, messages, communications through the app, no more snail mail. Parents can conveniently keep track of their child’s meal application status and receive messages or notices instantly. The app also tracks activity and history throughout the solution, letting parents view transactions, view letters received, and any other communications in one place. 

  • It’s all About Real-Time data 

    Payments made to your child’s account are updated in real-time, that means if you forgot to make a payment and your child is about to enter their lunch period, you can rest easy. Our solution has it covered! Another timely feature is that districts can update menus in real-time. Anytime there’s a change to the published menu, which is just about guaranteed now, you’ll be able to quickly update your SchoolCafé online menus.

If feature-rich tools and ultimate convenience are your thing, show some love to SchoolCafé!