New Video Coming: In-House Expert to Discuss the Changes in the School Meal Landscape

PrimeroEdge will release a new exciting video about the changes in the school meal service landscape! Solution Expert Molly Platts, MS, RDN, has nearly a decade of experience in the school nutrition field and has been able to witness first-hand how the school meal experience has changed for students and the professionals who serve them. She will delve into a conversation with me, Marketing Specialist Tesla Cadena, about the changes she’s noticed, why they matter and how they affect American schools, and how technology is playing a role in the future of school meals.

Some of the things we will touch on include:

  • Evaluating the school lunch experience 
  • Shifting national nutrition standards
  • Student’s expectations for their cafeterias
  • Current protocols and how schools have adapted 
  • Other things that you will have to watch the video to know about!

PrimeroEdge loves gaining insights from our on-site school nutrition experts because they have a niche and valuable perspective to help readers like you navigate this ever-changing landscape. Molly is the perfect person to discuss the fading and emerging industry trends, the needs of schools, and the future of school nutrition programs. Be sure to keep up with our content to not miss this casual, yet informative video! Until then, feel free to check out our other great videos here!

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