Happy National School Breakfast Week!

Three Reasons to Celebrate School Breakfast Week

National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) is finally here, from March 7-11! This year’s theme is “Take Off with School Breakfast” to remind everyone that nutritious school breakfasts help students to “take off” and achieve their goals! This March, we’re “taking off” with our top three reasons we love school breakfasts!

  • Successful Learning

    Students who eat school breakfast have a higher chance of academic success. According to a study published by the Journal of Economics, “students in schools that offered free breakfasts before class scored about 25 percent higher on math, reading and science tests” (Frisvold, 2014). Food is the fuel that allows for better concentration and memory, and provides the energy for clear thinking and problem-solving. Knowing that young children’s brains use almost half of their bodies’ energy, it is easy to realize why breakfast has always been considered the most important deal of the day (Neuroscience News, 2019).

  • Improved Health

    Eating breakfast is also an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Those who eat breakfast have a better chance of maintaining a healthy weight and getting their daily nutrients. A report in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience stated that students who regularly eat breakfast get 20 to 60 percent more iron, vitamins B and D, more daily fiber, and less dietary cholesterol (Adolphus, 2013). They also found a link between more school breakfasts and fewer visits to the school nurse in the morning. When struggles with hunger are removed from the equation, students are likely to be sick less often, quicker to recover from illnesses, and are less susceptible to unnecessary chronic diseases like obesity. Let’s keep our future healthy; let’s keep school breakfasts!

  • Better Behavior

    When people think and feel better, it’s no wonder their behavior improves. When students are less distracted by hunger and outside influences, there is a decrease in behavior problems with fewer office referrals and disciplinary actions. According to the Food Research and Action Center, those dealing with hunger in school are more likely to struggle to make friends, have higher rates of tardiness and absence, and get suspended (Lacko, 2018). Everyone deserves a shot at being their best selves, so let’s make sure the day gets started right with a healthy breakfast.

School breakfasts do more than they’re given credit for. They keep kids happier and healthier in and out of school, and give everyone a fair shot at a brighter future. National School Breakfast Week may only last a few days, but we appreciate them all year round!


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