Spring Cleaning Into the New School Year

There’s something about Spring that boosts our mood and our motivation. The days are brighter, the weather is warmer, and we’re that much closer to summer. As you go about your day getting your cafeteria plans “cleaned up” for the next year, why not clean up your software, too?

Here’s Your Spring Cleaning Checklist – The Software Edition 

  1. Check that the sites and users in your system are up to date
    • Disable employees who have left
    • Activate new employees
    • Update permissions for employees with new roles
    • Make sure all your active sites are in the system (Need to add another site? Email us!)
  2. Review Patron and Student accounts 
    • Prepare to send balance reminders 
    • Prepare to send notification letters
  3. Prepare for eligibility applications
    • Audit your letter templates and make necessary updates
    • Refresh yourself on how to run verification samples and track responses (Amigo can help!)
  4. Update items in your system
    • Deactivate items that haven’t been used, or won’t be used in the foreseeable future
    • If your district has a central warehouse, double check the items and quantities being shown to sites 
    • Enter new items into the system to properly track costing and usage
  5. Clean up your menu grids at the POS terminals
    • Update menu item pricing 
    • Add or remove a la carte items
  6. Review Production Records
    • Check for gaps and follow up with sites on their production records

Although the 21-22SY has been a year of transition for many of us, and there’s an unspoken rule that anything can change at any moment, this list will hopefully help you feel more confident and prepared for what’s to come. Remember, you can always “clean as you go.”  Happy Spring cleaning!