PrimeroEdge Announces New Partnership with Leading Student Information Systems

Communication is foundational to every great relationship, including your software. When your platforms can communicate without any additional work on your part, you have more time to focus on feeding students. This is why our team is excited to announce that PrimeroEdge has joined into partnership with PowerSchool and Aeries, two of the most popular Student Information Systems in the market. Districts can now take advantage of API connections to both these SIS systems. 

What is an API?

It’s an application programming interface (API) that employs a set of protocols, routines, functions and/or commands to facilitate interaction between distinct software services. Therefore, API’s offer direct communication between your district’s school nutrition and SIS platforms which increases the accuracy of your data and provides users with access to the most up-to-date information, in real time. This API removes the need for manual data entry or special configuration in PrimeroEdge, providing you with greater efficiency in your school nutrition operations. 

What data is communicated?

Through this API, customers using PowerSchool or Aeries as their primary Student Information System (SIS) can sync their data faster. Student data including demographics, enrollment, eligibility, and household data will communicate between PrimeroEdge and your SIS instantly. Saving you time and improving your platform experience, and keeping your data secure throughout the process.

How can I learn more?

If you’re a current PrimeroEdge customer and want to take advantage of this new API, contact us at

What if I don’t use PowerSchool or Aeries?

For all other SIS tools, PrimeroEdge offers automated flat file imports and exports that update student information on a predetermined schedule set by your district.