Annual Reviews Are Back – Production Readiness

Now that most of the country is transitioning back to face-to-face services, auditors are hot on the trail of catching up from the last couple of years.  Here are a few items to assist with your offsite production information you will need as well as your onsite information.

Once you know the sites and dates for your offsite review, make sure your menus are assigned, planned, and your production records are complete.  After completion of the records you can go to Production>Reports>Post Production Analysis.

From here, you can select the Meal Type, Site Group, Site, Menu Line and Date Range:

Once you generate and the analysis pops up you can pull the Nutrition Report and the Food Component Report for the week to send with your offsite review documents.

You will also need to send the completed Production Records, which can be saved as a PDF and pulled for the week for all meal services at once. To find the items, follow this pathway: Production>Reports>Production Reports>Production Records:

One more quick tip! Once you know when your onsite review dates are, please let PrimeroEdge’s Customer Care team know. They will put those dates on their calendar, so if anything is needed while the auditors are on site, your tickets will jump to the head of the line in order to get you a quick response.