PrimeroEdge Will Be The Talk of TASN

Since its inception, PrimeroEdge has been based in the great state of Texas. We are both honored and humbled to serve school nutrition professionals nationwide, but are particularly excited to treat our partners at the TASN Annual Conference from June 28-29. Between fun events, educational sessions, and good Texan hospitality, we can’t wait to see you there! Visit booth 409.

Get To Know Our Newest Generation

There will be many amazing educational sessions, but of course we believe the best one will come from Solution Expert and Texas Representative (insert drum roll) Lindsey Copeland! Lindsey will teach you to think outside of the generational box with a research-backed presentation on who Gen Alpha is, and how we can elevate their school dining experiences. Lindsey is a former teacher who has dedicated her life to improving the lives of K-12 nutrition professionals for five years now. She brings a decade of first-hand experience with K-12 students and is an amazing resource for understanding both the shifting school nutrition landscape, and the adjusting needs and expectations of the students. If you want to learn about how to understand and engage Gen-Z by modernizing your cafeteria experience, you cannot miss this! Unable to come to TASN? That’s okay! You can catch the same great information at ANC from July 10-12 in Orlando, Florida.

Have You Ever Line Danced?

Now you can! PrimeroEdge is sponsoring your chance to learn some dance moves from professional instructors at Billy Bob’s Texas – the world’s LARGEST honky tonk! We’ll be showing off our best dance moves right along with you. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll convince us to even try out the mechanical bull ride. (Who are we kidding? We will definitely be trying that!) 

You Didn’t Think TASN Forgot About Prizes, Did You?

While we’ll be sad to see you go, we are also just as excited for the last day. Not only is it another chance for you to spend time with awesome exhibitors (like PrimeroEdge at booth 409), but you’ll get caught up on much needed updates from the Texas Department of Agriculture. TASN will provide details regarding any changes in regulations and policies so you can make sure your program is prepared to adjust if necessary. After that, there will be dessert, a closing celebration, and of course some amazing door prizes. We won’t spoil the specifics, so you’ll have to see for yourself. 


You can click here for more information, and we hope that now you know what’s in store you are as eager as we are to attend. If you have any questions about our involvement, contact Lindsey at, or (281) 453-8513.