See Every Bite At ANC

The biggest event of the year in school nutrition is coming! We have been anxiously awaiting the Annual Nutrition Conference on July 10-12 in Orlando, Florida. This conference is extra special not only because we’re back in person after two long years, but because our company Cybersoft Technologies is a Prime Sponsor! You can’t miss us! You will see the same products you love and a whole lot more. Learn all about it at booth #811. “Powered by Imagination” is the #ANC22 theme and we hope what we’re about to tell you will have you imagining how fun this event is going to be!


ANC is known for, among many things, its thought leadership presentations. We are sponsoring the Ideas@Work Sessions, which are 30-minute sessions focused on inspiring innovations. It is exciting to think about what we’ll get to learn and how to continue bettering ourselves through learning from our peers. We are also proud Education Sessions presenters and hope you can take advantage of these great educational opportunities!

What We’re Presenting This Year

Session: “Understanding Your Customers and Promoting Your Program to Students”
Understand how the shifting of generational experiences and expectations, along with the ever-changing school meal landscape, come together to create a unique method for schools to modernize their cafeterias and engage Generation Alpha. Reimagine your students’ nutritional experience to take your operations to the next level (or should we say to the next generation)!

Session: “Menu Planning for Special Diets”
Solution Engineers Manager and Registered Dietician Molly Platts has an extensive background in school nutritions. She brings true credibility when discussing how to accommodate dietary needs, specifically for students with allergens. Learn how technology can be used as a line of defense to keep students safe in your cafeterias.


Every year we sponsor exclusive lounges to provide attendees a nice spot to take a break. Grab a coffee, some light snacks, and grab a chair- You can use these lounges to network with your peers, or just hang out between sessions and meetings.

  • State Agency Lounge
  • Directors Lounge
  • First Timers Lounge


In addition to sponsoring the director’s lounges, We are taking you from the imagination station to the Relaxation Station. You work hard and deserve a space to feel appreciated, pampered, and rejuvenated. This calming space will be your getaway from the business of the conference and the world. Let the light lavender scent, and tranquility wash over you as you prepare to get a professional massage. These wellness professionals can also offer tips on living a healthier, more relaxed life.


There’s no better way to make a final splash than to experience the highly anticipated closing event SeaWorld® Orlando. There is something for everyone. Ride roller coasters and water slides, get up close and personal with sea animals, or just relax and take it all in until it’s time for the famous Sea Lion’s Skit! Yes, it turns out sea lions can act and they’re ready to perform just for you! See it to believe it. 


It’s been so hard keeping a secret! We’ll finally be ready to let it go at ANC. Until then, keep your eyes and ears open for any news about how you can experience the feeling of “Cafeteri-yeah!” Want to be the first in line to hear about it at booth #811? Book an appointment to learn how you can “See Every Bite”.

If you’d like to know where else we’ll be, check out our conferences page.