What Customers Should Know About SchoolCafé

Cybersoft Technologies, the parent company and developer of PrimeroEdge, launched their newest SaaS product, SchoolCafé!

SchoolCafé is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly, all-in-one, fully integrated solution that combines every aspect of school nutrition, from customized reports to ordering, inventory management, nutritional analysis, menu planning, and parent support, into a single, user-friendly experience. Designed to take the worry out of the complicated logistical details of running a school food and nutrition program, SchoolCafé enables school nutrition professionals and the families they serve to focus on what really matters: the students and their food.

We anticipate that current customers of PrimeroEdge will have lots of questions about the SchoolCafé platform. Luckily, we have the answers! Read through our FAQ to learn more about our game changing software!

General Questions

1. Why were other districts introduced to SchoolCafé, but not mine? Can I choose either SchoolCafé or PrimeroEdge?

SchoolCafé is a brand new solution, and not all the modules in PrimeroEdge are available in SchoolCafé yet. It was key not to prematurely provide the solution to districts because we want to make sure our customers have the best available product to fit their needs. Any customers that were introduced to SchoolCafé was done on a case-by-case basis. However, whenever you are interested in transitioning, we will be happy to demo SchoolCafé for you and make a software recommendation based on what you’re looking to accomplish in your district(s). Then, there will be customized plans to seamlessly bring PrimeroEdge users to this new platform.

2. Will I have to switch to SchoolCafé, or will you maintain PrimeroEdge functionality? What is the timeline?

PrimeroEdge customers have the option to migrate to SchoolCafé at their own pace. Cybersoft Technologies will maintain PrimeroEdge for districts and will continue to make updates and enhancements regularly until June 2025. For those who wish to switch, migrations can be scheduled after January 2023.

3. Is there a cost to transition from PrimeroEdge to SchoolCafé?

There will be no cost for existing PrimeroEdge partners to migrate to SchoolCafé when they choose to do so. There will only be a cost for the training and setup, which can take place after January 2023.

4. Can I run PrimeroEdge and SchoolCafé at the same time, as in only switching some of my schools?

No, PrimeroEdge and SchoolCafé can not be used simultaneously. All schools within the entire district need to migrate to SchoolCafe.

Modular and Support Questions

1. Are there modules that will not be migrated to SchoolCafé, or are you building all the modules and features currently available in PrimeroEdge?

SchoolCafé’s focus is providing modules and features related to the Core suite. For example, Professional Standards and Financials are long-term goals, but are currently deferred. Special app capabilities with IntelliScan and Digital Signage are scheduled for the 2023-24 school year.

2. What does the migration, training, and implementation process look like?

SchoolCafé is equipped with built-in migration tools, ensuring a smooth process for all data to be transferred. For full details on each of these stages, please visit the Services webpage which covers training, implementation, and support.

3. Will we keep the same Customer Care team and process?

Absolutely. We’re dedicated to providing excellent customer service and will continue with the processes you’re familiar with. We are, and will continue to, expand our Customer Care team as needed to offer the best support available.

4. What will happen to the current SchoolCafe.com, and how does this affect parents’ family portal?

The URL will not change until 2023, and PrimeroEdge’s current parent portal will remain unaffected until then. In 2023, users will be notified about our transition plans. The only difference is that PrimeroEdge will now refer to their parent portal as Classic SchoolCafé.

5. Is SchoolCafé Menu Planning USDA approved?

USDA approval for nutrition and meal pattern compliance is scheduled to be acquired by July 10, 2022. Nutrition compliance approval is in progress.

State Customer Questions

1. Will State and Management customers stay with PrimeroEdge?

Yes. State and Management customers will stay with PrimeroEdge for the next 18 to 24 months. Multi-tenant support will be developed in the future.

2. When will you migrate State Products, like Reviews, Food Distribution, etc., to SchoolCafe?

SchoolCafé has a long-term goal of migrating products for State customers. However, they will not be available until all district products, modules, and features are available within SchoolCafé.

3. Will you be sunsetting PrimeroEdge’s State Products?

No. In fact, we plan to expand and enhance our products for state partners.

If you would like to learn more, visit schoolcafek12.com to get a comprehensive overview of everything SchoolCafe offers. As always, feel free to reach out to your Cybersoft Technologies representative to ask questions, or get a demo on our product.