What Did You Learn About SchoolCafé at ANC?

SchoolCafé was launched at the 2022 Annual Nutrition Conference! We hope you were able to join and chat about this newest SaaS software. Here is a chance to test your SchoolCafé knowledge, and maybe learn a thing or two by the end. 

1.What is SchoolCafé?

A – A rebrand of PrimeroEdge
B – A new all-in-one school nutrition platform
C – B, D, and E
D – A nutrition tool for families
E – A POS system

2. Are there any similarities between SchoolCafé and Primeroedge?

A – The Customer Care team and process is remaining the same.
B – The layout of the softwares is the same.
C – SchoolCafe caters to the same customer base.
D – SchoolCafe currently offers the same state products.
E – Everything is the same; it’s just a new look.

3. What kind of training do we offer?

A – Virtual Training
B – In-Person Training
C – One on One Q&A
D – Live Webinars
E – Pre-recorded Videos
F – All Of The Above!

4. Something to consider when choosing SchoolCafé:

A – There are special hardware requirements.
B – It can only be run on a district’s server.
C – Districts on PrimeroEdge will be forced to switch to SchoolCafé.
D – SchoolCafé is owned by a conglomerate.
E – None of the above!

The answer key:

  1. C – A new all-in-one school nutrition platform! Our integrated system allows you to manage every aspect of a school nutrition program.
  2. A – SchoolCafe is an innovative software with a new, streamlined layout for small school districts. Better yet, you get to keep the same quality support service you know and love! 
  3. F – All of the above! We offer comprehensive educational experiences that can be tailored to any need, from anywhere.
  4. E – None of the above! SchoolCafe is a fully cloud-based solution made by the same creators as PrimeroEdge, meaning our sole focus, as it has always been, is focusing on K-12 nutrition. No one will be forced to switch to our intuitive, easily configured software that requires no hardware, downloads, or installation.

If you answered 0 or 1 question correctly: There’s a lot to learn, but luckily it’s all interesting! Check out our brand new website to learn about our products, services, pricing, and more! 

If you answered 2 to 3 questions correctly: Nice – someone must have visited our booth at ANC! However, there are still a few topics you could learn more about. Try reading our Q&A blog for current customers.

If you answered all 4 questions correctly: You’re an expert! All that is left to do is schedule a demo to see the software in action.