SchoolCafé Takes On ANC 2022: What We Learned

Our time at the Annual Nutrition Conference has come and gone. This conference was presented as the perfect place to platform our new product, SchoolCafé

We all had a blast and each of us have a unique experience from the conference. Many valuable lessons were learned as the conference enhanced our scope of the industry.

Here are some of our takeaways from team members to expand upon what lessons they’ve learned ANC 2022.

There’s No “I” In Team

Bhaskar, Vice President 

“ANC was a great experience because it taught us that we make a great team due to us working very hard together as one unit. Plus, the K-12 community is real! They really care about children and students.” 

Dave, Regional Account Executive

“I enjoyed MJ’s session and her talk about the different generations and how they engage with marketing topics – from a Baby Boomer to Generation A. That was informative and enjoyable.”

Why We Do What We Do

David, Customer Care Specialist

“I enjoyed learning how the child nutrition staff really is concerned about feeding the children and want what is best for their district.” 

Kim, Regional Account Executive

“School nutrition professionals bring so much more to the table than just feeding the students. Every day they are faced with something new and tackle it head on. They are the most passionate people you will ever meet and all about the kids! #bringmoretothetable #wefeedkids #seeeverybite”

SchoolCafé Is Making A Name for Itself

Laura, Regional Account Executive

“I enjoyed learning how our customers see us as a respectable brand and value our hard work.”

So That’s How It Works!

Marcus, Customer Care Specialist

“I loved learning the process of how the conference functions and how to interact with the customers in that type of setting.”

Sessions, Sessions, Sessions

Alessandra, State Marketing Lead and RFP Specialist

“I attended a few sessions during the show and it was fascinating to learn how different school organizations operate when it comes to creating menus and preparing meals. Districts use all sorts of tools, some more manual than others, and it presents a huge opportunity for us to emphasize the benefits of SchoolCafé. Additionally, I learned about the Center for Food Safety, and how dedicated the USDA is to ensuring health and food standards throughout our schools.”

Lindsey, Regional Account Executive

“I enjoyed the opening session speaker, Duncan Whardle. He was an amazing speaker and very engaging. Throughout the presentation he was interactive with the audience and really got us thinking outside the box. I learned many techniques to help boost creativity that I can use in many different situations and environments.”

Malaika, Marketing Manager

“I really enjoyed the Opening Session. The Speaker Duncan Whardle was amazing and I was proud to have sponsored such a dynamic speaker. In a very short amount of time he really helped us to rethink our approach to creativity and kept us engaged as he jumped over chairs into the audience.”

Keep Your Creativity Up

Molly, Regional Account Executive 

“‘Yes! And…’ getting a diverse perspective enables creativity. These two words change how we think and verbalize ideas. It immediately will get someone thinking outside of the box. Even if the idea seems outside the realm of doable, the solution and next idea could be from another perspective.”