Our Favorite ANC 2022 Moments

The 2022 Annual Nutrition Conference was the best kind of whirlwind. There were sessions, shows, tons of swag, and awesome people to connect with. We couldn’t narrow down our favorite memory to just one, so some of our teammates who attended told us their favorite part of ANC! 

Meeting School Nutrition Heroes

Kim, Solution Engineer

“My favorite part was being able to connect with all of our current and potential customers face-to-face! It has been three years since we have all been together. It was great being able to share hugs and officially introduce yourself since many of us have met virtually.”

Terri, Region Lead of Customer Care

“Just being in a room full of some of America’s most unrecognized super heros was surreal. These men and women are some of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Some were currently our customer and some were not (as of yet). We are all blessed to be a part of such an amazing industry! I was honored to be a participant of something so huge and monumental!”

Lindsey, Manager, BDR Team & Regional Account Executive

“I’ve attended four ANC conferences, and the energy at the booth this year was incredible. The passion we have for school nutrition was clear to every person we spoke to. It’s been a long three years without ANC and it was great connecting in person again! It was great showing off SchoolCafé and hearing all the positive feedback.”

Molly, Manager, Solution Engineers 

“The best part was demoing SchoolCafé and seeing the immediate interest and hearing the positive feedback. Menu planner is a game changer, and hearing the validation was amazing. I even had a potential customer say it’s a game changer and they love it.”

Scott, Regional Account Executive

“The excitement shared when our current customers finally met members of our team they had been working with distantly for the first time was incredible. Hugs, happy screams, and cheers. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. Amazing!”

Dave, Regional Account Executive

“This was the first food service conference that I’d attended (my state shows are later this year), and I was taken aback by how engaged and cooperative all of the people from the industry were. They were approachable, friendly, willing to spend a few minutes to speak with you, and they seemed to be enjoying the event. Quite a departure from the curriculum world…”

Said, Regional Account Executive

“This was my first national show, and I really enjoyed seeing the quality of the interactions between our team and the conference goers. Attendees had a chance to take their time, receive demos and ask as many questions as they wanted to. I also enjoyed working with Cybersoft employees from all departments. The collaboration and diversity of experience that assembled for the show floor was truly inspirational. Of course, I would be remiss not to mention anything about our gorgeous booth, the uniforms, and orchestration of employees for the SchoolCafé launch. I’ve never seen anything like it!”

SchoolCafé Made A Splash!

Audene, Director of Customer Care

“Our SchoolCafé purple paradise booth was the backdrop of a local Orlando TV morning news interview. As the VP of SNA was being interviewed on what the conference was all about, he spoke about the supply chain issues school districts were experiencing and how all the vendor partners, including technology software companies like us were assisting with overcoming the challenges school districts are facing.  It was a proud moment to see us featured as contributing positive solutions to assist the Child Nutrition industry.

So many of our customers, and soon to be partners, told me they saw SchoolCafé and PrimeroEdge signage and thanked us for being great sponsors and supporting Child Nutrition. They were very appreciative and were excited to see us represented so well. “Y’all are everywhere!” they told me.

Malaika, Marketing Manager

“I believe we created a true experience for attendees at the show. We set out to make a splash, and I believe we did just that! Our booth was beautiful from the big to the small touches. I loved watching our State and SchoolCafé demo teams stay so busy that they couldn’t leave the booth. I enjoyed watching the sales team interact with customers and prospects. I know that this team set themselves and the company up for success! I enjoyed presenting and the engagement of my audience! (Shout out to Tesla and Alessandra for providing such amazing content, that all I had to do was infuse a few MJ-isms). Most importantly I enjoyed the true star of the show – “THE BAG”. You would have thought we were giving away a real Louis Vuitton®! Spotting it everywhere from all over the show floor to the hotel lobby and in the airport made me smile (especially when I think about the journey we had in the Marketing Team to get that bag right). The only thing that would have made the show perfect would have been Tesla being able to join us so our Marketing Trio could have shared the experience together.”

Marcus, Customer Care Specialist 

“This was my first ANC conference. I really enjoyed the environment and team positivity throughout the whole process. It was really neat to see SchoolCafé everywhere and made me very proud to be part of it. It always made me smile seeing our bags everywhere.”

David, Manager of Customer Care

“This was my first ANC and all the people were so friendly and seemed to be happy to be there. There was also the enjoyment to see and hear about our new product. I heard several people say our bags were the best and they asked how they can win them. I was like, “Here you go!”, and they were so happy and appreciative. I kept saying “A bag for your bags.”

TeamWork Makes the Dream Work

Bhaskar, Vice President 

“Seeing our team together, with our energy that was respectful, collaborative, attentive, and all with a fun attitude was fantastic. The booth was elegant and open which made it inviting, friendly, and comforting. Because of our competent, polite, and confident teammates, attendees had great reactions to our demos and engaged with our team.”

Alessandra, RFP Specialist and Marketing Team Lead

“This was my first ANC experience, and what I really enjoyed the most was seeing how passionate and dedicated our team was throughout the entire conference. I really believe that it was our team’s energy and vibrance that contributed to the success of our presence at the show.”

Laura, Regional Account Executive

“The best part was seeing how our professionalism and streamlined booth left a mark on the event and outshined the competition. Personally, I loved watching my colleagues work their magic.”

Matt, Product Owner

“It was amazing to see the positive response to SchoolCafe. They like us, they really, really like us! Wonderful to see the hard work of every team paying off. It was also amazing to see everybody ‘doing their thing’ live – we have some real rock stars working here! Also, Jet Tila was there!”