We want you to have all the tools and tips you need for a smooth and efficient audit review process. Here are tips and things you can check within the PrimeroEdge Back Office software to complete the process without a hitch. If you have covered the Inventory, Menu Planning, and Production modules, ensure everything is ready within your POS and Student Eligibility modules. Click here for Part One of the Get Review Ready blog series, which focuses on the Front Office modules.


  • Physical Inventories – Make sure that all sites have updated inventory regularly and have documentation.
  • Invoice Reconciliation – Check that all Invoices are balanced. If they’re not, have valid reasoning as to why.

Menu Planning

  • Nutrient Analysis – Double-check that nutrient analysis for your menus meets the guidelines for the USDA meal pattern program you are participating in.
  • Food Components – Review all weekly meal components to ensure each item is offered as per USDA regulations
  • Recipe Book – Download the recipe book and ensure all ingredients are properly filled out, so the dietician has updated information regarding allergens and nutritional data.
  • Food Safety, Storage, and Training Documentation – Have your documentation present and accurate for Food Safety and Storage, along with documentation of any required employee training.
  • HACCP – Ensure food safety protocols are in place, have an area to record temperatures, and corrective action steps are documented.
  • Production
    • Production Counts – Confirm the amount produced less waste and carryovers equals the amount sold plus waste and carryovers.
    • Leftovers and Waste – If in an audit, take care that your leftovers and waste are measured accurately using the proper measurement tools (such as the appropriate ladle for the proper serving size) to get per-serving measurements to count leftovers/waste servings.

If you can, please let Customer Care know you have an upcoming audit. You can also reach Customer care at 866-442-6030. They can help ensure any documentation or reporting you to need is audit ready. Also, should you need something for your audit, they will be sure to expedite those tasks.

The technical information and insights have been provided by David Sugg, Manager, Customer Care.