Audits can be stressful. However, making sure every school has a compliant school nutrition program is critical work. The Texas Department of Agriculture offers a list of those who are being audited and provides a “Reminder Binder” for compliance reviews. 

We also would like to provide some insight into having a successful audit, specifically for Student Eligibility within PrimeroEdge. These are common findings in audit reviews because they are often overlooked but can be avoided.  

1. Carefully Review Application Details   

While PrimeroEdge is good at catching missing information, reviewing applications for approval, especially paper ones. Make sure that the numbers are properly transferred while digitizing an application. Check for common errors, such as applications having the incorrect Income Frequency or Household Size. Ensure that there is nothing in your Smart Bin that needs to be handled. Families should have applications approved in 10 days and be notified of their acceptance or rejection on time in case a family would like to appeal. 

2. Use All Available Verification Resources

Verification doesn’t have to be a confusing or daunting process. PrimeroEdge offers several resources to help you stay on track, such as webinars, blogs, and a Customer Care team that will answer all your questions. You may also access the Verification Manual located inside Amigo.  

3. Double-check Direct Certification Matches 

Matches that are often missed are homeless students, children of immigrants and migrants, or students who are considered runaways. Schools may have a list of students who fall under these circumstances, but do not have the source of documentation, such as a letter, to confirm they’re considered eligible. Even in cases of blanket principal approvals, the principle needs to fill out the application to the best of their knowledge in order to continue providing free meals. These are difficult and unstable situations, which is all the more reason to make sure at this least one aspect of their lives is officially taken care of.  

Find other tips relating to audits and Student Eligibility in this blog that provides tips on things to look for within Front Office modules.