Four Ways to Use Catering 

A school district catering program has many benefits: flexibility, costeffectiveness, and the ability to feed your community more often. When using software, it also comes with easy customizations and helpful analytics. While you may know all the positives, here are actionable use cases for your district, so it’s worthwhile 

1. Banquets or Fundraising Events

There are many elements and vendors to deal with when creating district-wide or even school-wide events. Having one more thing in-house makes it easier for coordinators to keep track of and communicate the event requirements. Deciding on a few tasty salads and entrees that are simple to make but more special than a usual lunch can be served at more formal school events. If you don’t want the pressure of someone requesting catering an entire event at any time, but know the school has a few significant events throughout the year, take this option off the menu for most of the year and only have it available for these special occasions.  

2. Important Meetings 

Whenever there are long but crucial meetings, it’s always a nice touch when the administration approves a fruit spread with cheese and crackers, finger sandwiches with coffee, or even a dessert bar. It can keep people’s energy up, and spoiling them just a little can make people feel valued, motivated, and more likely to contribute to the discussion. These crowd-pleasers are quick to put together, and the ingredients can be flexible. We love easy wins! 

3. Field Trips  

Nothing says you must serve elaborate meals or beautifully laid out charcuterie boards. A catering menu works just as well for simple occasions like school trips. Offering boxed lunches are a great alternative to ordering out. It’s an excellent way for students to get a tasty, healthy meal outside of the cafeteria.  

4. Themed Weeks 

Everyone loves Teacher Appreciation Week! An extra treat could be a thank-you breakfast or lunch. Buffets, or even letting them choose their meal from a form ahead of time, puts the icing on the cake (because you could even offer cake!). Does your district want to go that smaller? No problem – simply cookies and brownies, and tea for everyone!  


Just like making a meal, catering also involves creativity! Thinking of ways to market your catering for an event is part of the fun. Mansfield ISD even bulk buys snacks and sells them to students. What fun and delicious ways have you seen school districts use catering? Let us know on social by tagging @PrimeroEdge.