If your audit sites have been identified for the Week of Review and Week of Onsite menus, you may be wondering what’s next and how to easily get through it.

Start planning an easy menu for your kitchens to prepare and run the same menu for your week of review and onsite. This way, you only have one week’s worth of menus, recipes, labels, and production records to pull together.

Once you have your menus planned, if you still need to check your compliance, make sure to pull your Food Component Report to check your analysis of your planned menu for compliance with the regulations. If you need to check compliance for the entire month of review, run your Pre and Post production analysis reports in Menu Planning to check compliance. Adjust your menu as needed.

Use the Reviews feature in Menu Planning and Production to pull together your review documents easily in PrimeroEdge. Allow the system to generate your ingredient labels/docs, recipe book, recipe labels/docs, production records, and Food Component Report for your Weeks of Review and On-Site.

Spot-check production records to make sure accuracy in recorded production and leftovers. If the following offer versus serve, a quick total of total served by category divided by total counts will give you a rough average number of components per meal served. Look for a number between 3 and 5 for the minimum number of components served versus offered.

Check out this blog for other quick tips in getting ready for your Administrative Review.

All of this great information has been gathered by Molly Platts, a Registered Dietitian and Sales Engineer Manager at PrimeroEdge.