Preparing for Takeoff: PrimeroEdge Applications and Claims

Get ready to manage sponsor applications and claims in an all new way. With multiple programs, sponsors, and dollars to account for, state agencies need a way to efficiently manage their state funds. PrimeroEdge is launching a solution that provides state agencies with an all-in-one system to manage applications and claims for their SNP, SFSP, and CACFP sponsors. This ADA/508 compliant software tool is designed to save time on administrative labor and help state agencies take back control of their program management processes.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Fit to Your Unique State Agency

We’ve seen it first hand: no two state agencies are alike. State Agencies have their own unique set of processes to meet USDA and local requirements. Applications and Claims comes with pre-loaded USDA income guidelines, reimbursement rates, and application criteria that states can access and build off of to create a tailored solution. This module provides states the ability to configure applications, set reimbursement rates or claim adjustments as needed, and configure their sponsor and site information in the system. 

  • Less Data Entry, More Accuracy

PrimeroEdge Applications and Claims solution is built to streamline the way your state processes application forms and claim payments. Managing applications online reduces the chance of error and time that comes with transcribing data manually. It does this in a variety of ways: 

  • Auto-populated fields cut back on the time spent entering repetitive information such as Sponsor details.
  • Algorithms to calculate claims accurately – including the ability to track claim imports, exports, and claim adjustments. The software applies state-approved claiming percentages by the number of meals for Community Eligibility Provision and Special Provision 2 sites.
  • Edit checks and data validation features allow for more complete data by the sponsor before agency review. 
  • Applications can be configured to have required fields and questions for more complete information. 
  • Auto-generated reminders and email notifications ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Security and Convenience

In a browser-based application like PrimeroEdge, users no longer need to shift back and forth between spreadsheets, hard copies, and emails. State Agency users can find all the details and history they’re looking for within one system, including changes, updates, and previous submissions. Sponsor users will also have the ability to find the applications they’ve submitted, claim information, and communication received, all from the same centralized place. 

All data in PrimeroEdge is securely stored, encrypting sensitive information throughout the system. For an additional layer of security, state agencies can control and manage which users have access to information with configurable roles and permissions.

Join us

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this solution. This year we’ll start a new webinar series on April 5th 12:30 PM CST to cover the ins and outs of this solution starting with Applications and Claims for CACFP. We hope you’ll join us!

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