Navigating Your Software Journey with PrimeroEdge’s Implementation Team

PrimeroEdge’s implementation team is like a GPS for your nutrition software journey – we’ll help you navigate the learning curve and get you to your destination (achieving your goals) in no time. Here are some ways our process makes the ride as smooth as possible. 

A Clear, Proven Process

For two decades, PrimeroEdge has implemented over 500 districts, large and small, following the same basic roadmap that any user can follow. We’ve fine-tuned our implementation to be simple and streamlined, with clear communication and thorough but easy-to-understand documentation. We show you all the steps and work through them with you because everyone can appreciate a guiding hand. 

Customized Training and Support

We provide direction, but you’re behind the wheel. Your unique operation goals and requirements will drive the process, which is why it’s best practice to know what you want to gain from this journey. We take the time to understand your wants and needs and then create individualized training with a tailored timeline and manageable milestones that keep all of us focused, accountable, and moving forward. We all learn differently and at our own pace – so let’s do what works for your team. 

Support Goes Beyond Implementation

When you buy a new car, you don’t just want it to be functional. You want it to run reliably and keep you on the road to success. The same goes for software implementation. Our PrimeroEdge teammates go beyond getting you up and running – they become your dedicated partners. Ongoing support is available if you have questions, or experience any road bumps. Should your software ever require any maintenance or have any questions, our support team makes sure you’re running at your best.

If you’re looking to work with a team of experts who understand the K-12 nutrition industry and have helped hundreds of schools maximize their programs with user-friendly software, consider letting PrimeroEdge fuel your school nutrition program.