SchoolCafé TV: Modernize Your Cafeterias

You work hard on your menus, and your meals deserve to be showcased in an appealing and engaging way. Cue SchoolCafé TV, digital menu boards that integrate with PrimeroEdge Menu Planning for visually stunning menus that are updated in real-time. Here are some of the benefits of using SchoolCafé TV in your cafeterias.  

Modernize Your Cafeteria(s)

Dynamic menus with high-resolution images and graphics add a touch of excitement to the cafeteria, making it a more enjoyable space for students to spend their time. People eat with their eyes, so showcase your delicious and healthy meals in a way that boosts your program into the digital age. Nearly all fast food restaurants popular with students have digital menu boards, so keep up with your competition by creating a retail-inspired space with SchoolCafe TVs.

Informed Engagement 

Students don’t want to feel like herded sheep going through a line. They want to feel empowered and in charge of their dietary choices. That’s why our digital menu boards can display nutrition information, allergen information, and even student ratings! We’ve always relied on enticing sights and scents, but in this digital age, almost nothing is as convincing as reviews. When students can gauge how popular or delicious an item is among their peers, paired with knowing it’s a healthy choice, it encourages them to try new things and explore new flavors.

Speedier Service 

Once the cafeteria experience is enhanced and more students are participating in SLP, you’ll need to ensure your lines are quicker than ever. Guess what? Digital menus make it easier for students to decide what they want, reducing the time they spend in line and increasing the speed of service. Even while in line, research shows that digital signage decreases a customer’s perceived wait time by 35%. Screens draw attention away from the wait itself, and feeling informed can also make the wait feel more justified. Boost your student’s anticipation without raising their impatience. Sounds like a win to us!

Easy to Use 

Finish installation within minutes, right out of the box. Using a pre-loaded Chromebox that will connect to your display, a quick 4-digit code will automatically sync your device to PrimeroEdge without imports or connections. Once it’s ready to go, you can customize it with your district’s logos, photos, colors, and fonts. Delivering even more convenience, you can access SchoolCafé TV directly from our user-friendly mobile app and use it to sync, edit, or publish your displays remotely.

Can you picture these benefits making a difference in your district? If so, you can learn more here and modernize your cafeteria today.