Effortless Income Surveys

Are you tired of spending hours collecting and processing income data for your school district’s nutrition program? Do you struggle to generate accurate reporting and analytics for grant applications and other benefits? Look no further than PrimeroEdge’s Income Survey feature. This tool simplifies the income survey process for families and provides invaluable benefits for school districts.

Families can directly complete income surveys within minutes in their preferred language from the SchoolCafé app. It’s not only user-friendly, but it can also be done from a smartphone, tablet, and computer. The SchoolCafé app also automatically identifies a school’s CEP status, directing families to the required benefits form if necessary.

There are also plenty of benefits for districts!  The Income Survey feature streamlines the collection, processing, and sharing of income data, making it easy to generate accurate reporting and analytics. It can be used for grant applications and other benefits beyond school nutrition.

With PrimeroEdge’s Income Survey feature, school districts have a reliable and accurate tool for collecting income data that can be used across multiple programs and initiatives. See what it’s like to save valuable time and resources when it comes to data collection and reporting and make it easy for your families.